Dan Friedman wrote:

> Here’s my silly contribution.   How many times do we write something
> like this:
> put “Are you sure you want to delete the image” && quote & myImageName
> & quote && “?” into tPrompt
> I have a simple q() function in all my projects:
> function q inData
>   return (quote & inData & quote)
> end q
> Now, I can simply do this:
> put “Are you sure you want to delete the image” && q(myImageName) &
> “?” into tPrompt
> Tiny, but mighty.   :)

The q function is handy, but handier still would be to have JavaScript's support for interchangeable single- and double-quotes to allow nesting, e.g.:

  put 'Hello there, Teddy "Roughrider" Roosevelt!'

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