Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> The Forums are filling up quickly with a whole lot of nonsense about
> cars in Russian (althought, oddly enough it seems to be coming from
> the Ukraine).

Thank you for the report. In the future, please use the "Report Post" link near the upper-right of each post. That will flag it for moderation, where it will normally be handled quickly as soon as the next moderator shows up and does our customary "New Posts" to review.

In this case (and the copycat later today) I banned the user but did not remove the posts. There were too many. In the past I used to hunt down individual posts and delete them, because that's all my moderator privileges allowed. Since then I've used PHPBB on other sites where I have full privileges, and PHPBB provides an option to delete all posts from a given user, a much better use of time.

I've written Support to let them decide whether to elevate my privileges to allow me to efficiently remove the spam posts, or to user their own powers to do so. Hopefully that will be addressed shortly.

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