Just updated/upgraded community widgets #46-#50 to run from the same source.
So that also these widgets, now 10 widgets in sum, will run your stacks
UNCHANGED, but you have to use the correct version in the IDE.

Currently available is by the newest hh-(un)-installer stack from "Sample 
or http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/842/
[Download the installer and read the short scripts to trust it]

Sep 16, 2017: OrientedText v1.2.0 (updates #50)
Sep 14, 2017: hhProgress v1.2.0 (updates #49)
Sep 14, 2017: ConvexHull v1.2.0 (updates #48)
Sep 14, 2017: hhPolygon v1.2.0 (updates #47)
Sep 13, 2017: IconGrid v2.0.2 (is #52)
Aug 20, 2017: DigitClock v1.2.0 (updates #46)
Aug 20, 2017: BezierClock v1.2.0 (updates #44)
Aug 20, 2017: ClockAround v1.2.0 (updates #43)
Aug 19, 2017: SVG_Text v1.2.0 (updates #42)
Aug 18, 2017: TextBanner v0.0.1 (is #51)

Available via the installer are also DEMO-STACKS that show usage examples.
The demo-stack of IconGrid uses also SVG_Text and ClockAround.

For the numbers and descriptions see 

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