It's taken me ages to get my system back together to do iOS development properly (forced to update phone, so then couldn't develop to it without latest xcode, but that required sierra, needed to not update to Sierra for a while.. bah).

So finally I've got my MacBook on Sierra, I've got Xcode 10.3, and LC 8.6.1, and I've gone through certificate hell, and it all works - I can build an iOS standalone, and use Xcode to install it on my phone.

But I can't use the "Test" function to test directly on my phone. If Test Target is set to Simulator, then Test works. But if I select my phone as Test Target, then Test causes a build process, but nothing happens on the phone.

Last time I had it all working ... it worked - there would be an update in the message box that went from 0% to 100% installed.

A very long time ago I recall installing Fruitstrap - maybe that's been neutered by updating to Sierra. What is now the approach to get "Test" working to direct deploy to an attached iOS device?

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