We continue struggle with our app on Android and between mobile controls being 
instantiated or deleted + oddities with acceleratedRendering, + remote bugging 
not *really* working, it's a bit of a fishing expedition when everything works 
on desktop and iOS.

A complete document on accelerated rendering, what it does, impact on the 
engine, optimal usage etc would be useful. Right now my best option is to look 
for "acceleratedRendering" Mark Waddington in this list. Maybe we should 
compile all his replies and submit as a guide addition.

if your goal is to just improve the performance of mobile scrolling fields and 
groups, and all cards in stack will have one of both or both of these… then it 
makes sense to turn on acceleratedRendering in the preopenstack handler… or 
course there are bugs there and work arounds, wait 200 seconds, Panos "fixIt" … 
the fact that LC on Android will crash if you go home or app switcher and the 
acceleratedRendering is on.

Setting all the above aside, assuming we implement the necessary "hackarounds" 
questions today are

1) Do we need to do this

on closeStack
set the acceleratedRendering of this stack to false
end close stack

or if you close the stack are all the mysterious overheads "costs" of 
acceleratedRendering for that stack "wiped" from the engines brain, whether you 
turn it off or no, with no residual impact on the rendering of views?

2) assuming you do run that at close stack…if you open a stack B *before* 
closing the stack A which has acceleratedRendering set to true   is there a 
cost in terms of the engine ability to render everything in the newly opened 
stack, remember we have not closed stack A yes. but stack B is now open "on top"

OK simple version then is: what is best practice for this scenario

1) stack "apples" is open, with acceleratedRendering set to true
2) we open stack "oranges" and set the acceleratedRendering of stack this stack 
(now "oranges") to true
3) we close stack "apples"

how is this best handled, given that we see no problems with this in iOS?


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