Hi Al,

I already posted on the forums, but for completeness also here:

a lot can be done by replacing repeat with with repeat for each where you can.

 --    repeat with i = 1 to the number of words of fldhexa3
   --       put 00 & word i of fldhexa3 & word i of fldhexa3 & word i of 
fldhexa3 after tVar2
   --    end repeat

   repeat for each word theWord in fldhexa3
      put 00 & theword & theword & theword after tVar2
   end repeat

A sidenode:

I always use strict compile mode, therefore I added the needed variable 
declarations and noticed you use startTime as a variablename, which is a 
reserved keyword. That is not a good idea.  (I noticed, because I managed to 
freeze liveCode where I fixed only half of the use of startTime. Booom.)


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