On 17/10/2017 00:21, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:

Sorry about the horrible formatting on the last post... I'll try to find my Forum password and post the modified version there ....

I haven't tackled the second half (i.e. the actual dithering bit yet - maybe tomorrow).
I can trim a few ms off this, but it's really not significant.

Change the checks for being near the right hand side of the image from 'if's to a switch.

Then,  after you've calculated and used tNewKey, change following lines like :

*if* tPixelPosition modtImageWidth <> 1*then**
    put (tPixelPosition + tImageWidth - 1) into tNewKey**
   add*(tDifusionError) totArray2[tNewKey]*
end* *if*


*if* tPixelPosition modtImageWidth <> 1*then**
    add*(tDifusionError) totArray2[tNewKey-1]*
end* *if*

but it really is nit-picking - only a tine saving.

-- Alex.

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