There has been a serious performance issue (related to OpenGL) with the iOS
simulators under Xcode 9.0, to the point that they are so slow as to be
unusable for testing. This has been widely commented on elsewhere and is not
an LC-related problem.

This issue is now fixed in Xcode 9.1, released today. However LC 8.1.7
(stable) does not support Xcode 9.1. When I try to point LC 8.1.7 towards
Xcode 9.1 is declines to link, claiming "The chosen folder is not a valid

Do we need an update to obtain compatibility with Xcode 9.1? If so, would it
be possible to get this out soon as I have had to  suspend testing of iOS
apps under development because of the simulator issues when using Xcode 9.0
and 9.0.1.



Ascriva Healthcare Informatics

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