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Until now I saw it like that:
<canvas>, <svg> and <picture> are HTML5 tags.
And <canvas> and <svg> are different concepts. Roughly

<svg> is more an XML-based vector graphics format,

Yes - SVG is a way of encoding a sequence of vector graphics commands using XML.

<canvas> is more an API for drawing on a bitmap surface.

True - but you can also view the canvas as an element which allows you to use 2D vector graphics commands from JavaScript to draw, and then display.

The HTML5 canvas element (and the canvas API as specified by W3C as it stands) is a proper subset of the LCB canvas (or will be after I've finished making a small tweak or two with regards separate stroke/fill paints).

Indeed, by extension you can view both the LCB and HTML5 Canvas APIs as the procedural way to render SVG (HTML5 Canvas API is not quite fully featured enough to make this mapping 1-1, but the LCB Canvas is almost that, and will become that).

Looking at things from this point of view, the control we are discussing is the deferred / data-driven way to display such vector graphics commands (without having to create separate graphic objects and such).

When thought about from this point of view, it almost becomes 'obvious' that canvas is the correct choice - the only difference between the canvas in LCS and the canvas in LCB, is that the canvas in LCB requires you to execute a sequence of commands whereas the proposed control in LCS is a sequence of deferred commands, which are executed when the control needs to be rendered.

Will it be possible to edit properties:

Getting and setting the points of a graphic?
Getting and setting the imagedata of a placed image?
Getting and setting the specific data of an SVG?

That is definitely a potential future direction. The canvas control's 'content' is (at present) a sequence of commands representing the SVG tags which render something, along with state setting commands for stroke/fill/transform.

There is no reason why, in the future, you shouldn't be able to edit already existing commands - although for the time being you would need to rewrite and set the svgText property.

Can it be used for exactly one of the objects or also a mix of the
three, say an SVGicon on top of an image?

Yes - you could create an SVG fragment which describes those objects, and then set the svgText.

The svgText property is the same idea as the htmlText property of a field - it is a fully faithful representation of the field's content, encoded as string using HTML (well HTML-like).

For example:
A lot of people are not able to write SVG, they are simply copying
out of programs like 'inkscape' and would like to paste the code
into a property of the control. Will that be possible?

Yes - the, you will be able to set the svgText to SVG generated from any program. The SVG compiler removes anything it doesn't understand (as per the requirements of the SVG spec), and renders what is left. i.e. There is no need to externally process the SVG source in any way (unless you want to tweak it of course).

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