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I like "Canvas" from LCB but unfortunately that is already taken. It
would have been my favorite.

Hmmm - actually, why not 'canvas'?

Certainly there is a Canvas type in LiveCode Builder, but the 'canvas' idea hasn't been used in LiveCode Script. I'd be wary if the two notions - i.e. the Canvas type in LCB and the 'SomethingLikePicture' object in LCS - were unrelated, but they aren't.

After all it is the Canvas type in LCB which provides the actual ability to render the commands which come out of processing an SVG file - the mapping from resulting attributed element (e.g. rect with paint and stroke attributes) is almost a 1-1 mapping from notion to canvas command and the plan is to make this completely 1-1.

So, we can view the LCB Canvas Type as being a 'rasterization-only' target for SVG commands, whereas the LCS canvas object essentially records the commands and plays them back on demand.

In fact, 'canvas' perhaps describes what the proposed object will actually be - it will allow you (from LCS) to describe a sequence of 2d vector graphics operations, which are then rendered on demand - essentially a deferred version of the LCB Canvas Type (essentially the 'canvas' script object would be a high-level wrapper around the LCB canvas type).

Certainly the idea of being able to specify an image, or vector graphics, or a single graphic type to be drawn on a 'canvas' perhaps makes more sense than on a 'picture' (or other image-like synonyms).

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