> On 7 Nov 2017, at 10:27 am, Mark Wieder via use-livecode 
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> Wow. That's unreadable.

Yes… it turns out that GitHub will prettify it for us if we change the 
extension to .tsv and fiddle with the files a bit. 


I did the first bit then realised that the few minutes I had today were not 
enough to do the fiddling with the files part + code changes to support changed 
file formats. I’m well behind this sprint ;-(


> But aside from that
> <rant>
> I've never liked the idea of hiding things from users.
> Ideally you might want to show groups of properties contextually, but the 
> idea that there are properties that exist but you can't get to them just 
> does.not.seem.right.
> </rant

If there are properties missing from the pane then please don’t rant. It’s 
unproductive. Submit a bug report or a PR.


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