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The properties function was designed to allow one-step transformations of objects.

Without it, the old-school way is "set the <label> of something to <value>" over and over for every property value being changed.

OK. Point taken. But the OP's point is that there are properties of objects that aren't obvious unless you already know to look for them. I believe Pete Haworth went through the exercise a while back of trying to identify all the properties (writable or not) of an object and it's not a straightforward thing.

If an enhancement request is filed I'd prefer it be for an optional modifier to the existing function syntax, rather than littering the current function results with synonyms or subset-value props that aren't needed for automating property assignment.

Maybe "the full properties of..."?

Yeah, that was my thought as well, even before you brought up the one-step transformation thing. I'd support that, and it would be much easier than having to parse through the txt file. And keeping track of the properties of a given type of object is a maintenance nightmare in the legacy engine code.

 Mark Wieder

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