Your criticism is, TMHO, too general and by that wrong.
Certainly there are certain scenarios where this occurs.

(1) Never ever one of my stack window appeared in a wrong
place. Not on Mac, nor on Win, nor on linux.
What's sometimes wrong are the rects of some IDE windows.
Tools: No, SE: often, PI: mostly no, PB: I don't use it.

Since we are developers, this needs one line of code per
window to have it correctly (less than your complaints).

(2) I have this sometimes also here but only when dragging
widgets from the tools window. This is a bug in the IDE
which can be avoided if double-clicking the widget's icon,
or if inserting from the menu Object > New Widget.

(3) The IDE 'dies' here if and only if there are handlers
running that *I* started and didn't kill. So it may be also
with you the 'inappropriate' coding? Certainly the IDE does
not 'die'/'hang' from nothing.

> C.P. wrote:
> 1.  When starting, the different windows still get placed
> somewhat in random places
> 2.  The tools window disappears; you have to switch it off,
> and switch it on to see it again
> 3.  The IDE just dies, doesn't quit from menu, you have to
> use Activity Monitor to kill it.
> 1 was a problem in 8.1.7; 2 is now a rule, it was occasional
> in 8.1.7.   3 is now the new kid around the block.
> Using Mac OSX 10.12.6 (16G1036) with MacBook Pro

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