I tried building for Android on 9.0 dp 11 yesterday and got some weird font 
mapping issues.

Pixel arrived (wow! iOS, seems a bit primitive now…) used, unlocked, (looks 
brand new) no sim… I got wi-fi. immediate prompted me to upgrade to 8.1, which 
I did.

in LC 8.1.9 I can't see it in the test menu, no matter what I do, reboot, 
restart LC, with phone plugged, unplugged.

But I got a neat droid transfer app for Mac… go to connected devices, switch 
USB to transfers (I guess you do that already with Drop Box..) So I can turn 
the phone into a "volume" that appears inside the app like a finder window…  
and copy the apk from my LC builds folder into Downloads on the phone and then 

So, that's working… 

Sadly the rendering fixes in 8.1.9 are not resolving all issues we had before… 
sure, we can now leave the app via Home or App switcher, and come back without 
the app stopping, but switching between stacks which require accelerated 
rendering is still full of bugs…all works perfectly on iOS (sigh) so back to 
debugging-android challenges.

iMac high Sierra:  

On 12/23/17, 2:29 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of J. Landman Gay via 
use-livecode" <use-livecode-boun...@lists.runrev.com on behalf of 
use-livecode@lists.runrev.com> wrote:

    Is anyone else here running Android 8.1/Oreo? My test app is hanging the 
    package installer right near the end of the process. This happens both 
    when running Test in the IDE (requiring a force-quit) and also if I 
    build a standalone and move it via Dropbox. Installing from Dropbox, the 
    progress bar goes about 9/10 of the way, and everything freezes. Only 
    the Home button gets me out. The app is not shown in the app drawer.
    If I try to install again, I'm asked if I want to update the current app 
    (which didn't really install) and the install completes. I can open and 
    run the app. When I go back to Dropbox, the frozen installer window from 
    the first try is still there. I have to go to settings and force quit 
    the package installer to get rid of it.
    I can't tell if there is something about the LC build itself or a bug in 
    Oreo. The same apk installs fine on my Samsung running 6.0.1. Play Store 
    apps install okay too.
    Nothing on Google about it.
    LC 9.0 dp 11, Java 1.8, Mac OS X Sierra

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