Is anyone else here running Android 8.1/Oreo? My test app is hanging the package installer right near the end of the process. This happens both when running Test in the IDE (requiring a force-quit) and also if I build a standalone and move it via Dropbox. Installing from Dropbox, the progress bar goes about 9/10 of the way, and everything freezes. Only the Home button gets me out. The app is not shown in the app drawer.

If I try to install again, I'm asked if I want to update the current app (which didn't really install) and the install completes. I can open and run the app. When I go back to Dropbox, the frozen installer window from the first try is still there. I have to go to settings and force quit the package installer to get rid of it.

I can't tell if there is something about the LC build itself or a bug in Oreo. The same apk installs fine on my Samsung running 6.0.1. Play Store apps install okay too.

Nothing on Google about it.

LC 9.0 dp 11, Java 1.8, Mac OS X Sierra

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