Happy New Year to all!

I have a bit of script that says

 delete stack “myStack”

This runs in a mainstack (not the one I’m trying to delete, “myStack”, which 
I’ll call the target), but the path by which this script was invoked was 
started in a menu item in the target. I get error 377 “stack locked or object’s 
script is executing”. The target stack’s ‘cantDelete' property is false, its 
‘destroyStack' and ‘destroyWindow' properties are true.

The thing is, this used to work, probably in the LC 7 series. It never went 
wrong, so presumably something’s changed in the engine. I accept that it 
doesn’t work now, but I need to get the target stack definitively out of 
memory, and I don’t think just closing it does that.

Can anyone help with this?


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