I thought I would bring this to the attention of the LiveCode team.

I filed a bug on 2016-05-22
Bug 17707 - Line height different Mac vs. Windows in fields with 
fixedLineHeight set to false

EXPECTED RESULT: I would have expected to see the line height of a field with 
fixedLineHeight set to false to be the same on Windows as Mac OS X
OBSERVED RESULT: Windows text is rendered with the line height slightly larger.

Panos : I confirm this difference between the two platforms, but I am not sure 
if this is something we can fix. I am setting this to EXPERT_REVIEW for further 

Is this not a fixable thing, and should I just try other solutions?

Overview of my situation:
My cross-platform music history eBook does not have text that auto flows from 
page to page for various reasons (searching, linking to specific pages). 
Windows text in Georgia renders slightly wider in Windows compared to MacOS. 
lineHeight when not fixed (which I must have since I use in-line images) is 
decidedly greater, so text sometimes flows off the bottom of the field. 
Changing the font size is too extreme a change and doesn’t fix widows.

I’m trying to conceive of a method of somehow creating page metadata that 
reformats the Windows text—possibly adjusting field width, arbitrary carriage 
returns to move text, changing the text size of space characters, etc., all in 
an attempt to make the Windows version text display more of less the same as 
Mac. But the problem of line height difference is otherwise unfixable by me.

Peter Bogdanoff
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