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Hi - anyone got news on 'VectorIcon' or whatever it's going to be called? I
was thinking it would arrive with LC (dp11) but it didn't

It did - but not in widget form.

There is a script library which compiles an SVG file into a metafile format called a 'drawing'.

Then the image object has been prodded so you can set the text of an image to said metafile data and it will render the SVG represented by it.

Take a look in the dictionary under drawingSvgCompile().

When using Mark's external that he shared on LC Global I can get it working in the IDE but it's a no-show on an iOS device (amongst other errors I get
"864,7,1 unable to load sag compiler")

Yes - there was an issue with inclusions in extensions - that should be fixed in dp11. However, the support for rendering drawings is in the engine - so you only need to include the drawing SVG compiler library if you want to compile SVGs on the fly.

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