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This might be a stupid question, but might it be possible for this new
control to completely replace the existing image control?

It isn't a stupid question...

There aren't very many special properties relating especially to
images. If the new object implemented those at least to a first
approximation, then perhaps it could simply be called "image". All
existing uses of images would work, and the gloss would be that the
image object had gained some exciting new capabilities.

The way to look at it is that there is some 'abstract interface' (i.e. collection of properties and commands etc.) which are what makes an image imagey - then any control which implemented them *could* be considered an 'image' (from the point of view of the chunk).

There's certainly something there in terms of an idea for evolution of object chunks and such, but I'd be hesitant to try to get there right now without a good deal more analysis of how that might work (and whether such a suitable interface can be defined for 'image').

I think the best way to get images to like SVG is to allow an SVG file to be set as the text of the image - the image object used to have EMF and PICT support (I think it still may have EMF, but PICT disappeared with Carbon/Classic API usage) - so there is precedent.

Additionally, if we extend imageSource/icon references to be more general (i.e. internally any control which implements the 'I can be an icon' type set of actions could be used) - then I'm not sure whether there will be many cases left where you might want a <whatevernewcontrolis> to actually be an image.

In any case, introducing a new control (which is far more than an image) in the first instance doesn't stop it at some point 'feeling' like an image from the point of view of script in the future so it seems like a getting the control into existence first is the best approach.

Is this a mad dream?

That depends on whether it involves saying wibble, a pair of underpants and two pencils...

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