I was examining the API for Datagrid2 in 9 dp 11

Swiping looks interesting, but I'm also looking for " drag-to-arrange"  for 

With similar "cool" UI animation behavior where if you drag a sub-mini-group, 
which comprises a row of a large vertically or horizontal scrolling parent 
group, there is some delta which, when entered, if the row being dragged up or 
down, or left and right, pausem and suddenly the two underlying rows separate 
and allow you to drop the drag-row to this new location. The better designed 
ones, the underlying rows are reacting during the drag until the user drops.

Has anyone build such a thing? If so, can you share?

use cases: Like in Spotify, where album covers with titles and artists names 
are subgroups and these would be on a left to right scrolling group that the 
user could rearrange. In "My Book Library" data grid is vertical, user wants to 
re-arrange to manually sort her/his titles vertically. Re-arrange "Favorites"  
list (made up of complex subgroups with icons text and other data in a row) 
etc.  Rearrange an outline, etc… many similar scenarios.


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