I want to configure a new Mac mini running 10.13.2 for Android development.
But, as I've learnt these last two weeks, LC advise can be out-of-date, and
what works on one setup may not on another. At least, that's been the case
on Windows.

So, if you are on a Mac OS ++and++ have succesfully tested a stack on an
Android device -- preferably one using LC's  Internet library -- please
post details about your:

::: Mac OS version :::

::: LC version(s) :::

::: Java JDK :::

About downloading the JDK. Where specifically should I click on the downloading
a JDK <http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html>
referred to by the LC Lesson "How do I become an Android developer on Mac?
--- the "JDK Download" button inside table Java SE 8u151/ 8u152?

I ask to be doubly-sure and because recent list messages warn against
updating from 8.0 to 9.0‚Äč. Plu

::: Android SDK :::

That LC lesson advices the full Android Studio for LC post-8.1.5. Do you

::: Android SDK platform :::

Again, that LC lesson advices the Android 4.0.3 package. Yes?

Thank you. I sure would like to get things working well straight out of the

Nicolas Cueto
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