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Try this function (LC 8/9):

*on*  stripClipboard
    *local*  tData
    *lock*  the clipboard
    *put*  the rawClipboardData["public.utf8-plain-text"] into tData
    *set*  the rawClipboardData to empty
    *set*  the rawClipboardData["public.utf8-plain-text"] to tData
    *unlock*  the clipboard
*end*  stripClipboard

This will ensure the only thing on the clipboard is the text format (no RTF
and no HTML).  Even when I use this function after putting the text on the
clipboard, I get the same results.  And I get the same in LC 6 & 7 too.

You mentioned raw clipboard, what did you try there?

Your handler works. :) I haven't used rawClipboardData much and I don't have that particular experiment any more, but I think I just used the example verbatim from the dictionary.

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