Brian Milby wrote:

> More info on those 2 bugs:
> The first bug is about LC placing too much on the system clipboard.
>  Prior to 8, LC only put text+RTF on the clipboard.  With 8, HTML was
> added - LC ran everything through its internal conversion to LC styled
> text and put LC HTMLtext on the system clipboard as HTML.  The bug fix
> on the first on stops that conversion so that when plain text is
> placed on the clipboard, only plain text is put on the system
> clipboard (and it no longer puts anything styled).
> The second bug is tightly related.  It is actually the same process
> that is causing the problem, but the solution will be slightly
> different.  There isn't a PR on this one yet.  It would be easy to
> disable LC HTMLtext going to the clipboard unless specifically
> requested (which would be more like pre LC-8), but fixing the actual
> HTMLtext is a little more complicated.

I think I missed something earlier in this thread: what are those two bug report IDs?

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