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> Totally ot,
> My mother in law had an iron drain deteriorate, with roots and cracks all
> through it, and Roto Rooter was able to ream it and put in some kind of
> epoxy liner, so nothing had to be dug up.

We had thought, from the video, that the bottom half of the iron pipe had
disintegrated (and so did that plumber).

It turned out that, no, that was the beginning of a blockage that grew to

Petrified fat.

Given what we know from going through the shower floor (last tenant poured
concrete down the drain in spite), the pipes likely weren't at the proper
angle to drain (a retired pipe-fitter friend could tell the shower wasn't
angled right at a glance!).

(Our house was built during the mob's heyday in Las Vegas, late 60s).

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