hh wrote:

>> Richard G. wrote:
>> What's missing is support for the universal method by which we can
>> obtain property info, "the properties" function.
> In order to work with a widget you have to know what the single
> properties do.

That is true of all objects of all properties.

> I can't see what should be the purpose of such a "full list".

Consider the list I included in my reply to Ali, and spend some time experimenting. LC's associative arrays are very powerful and very flexible. With union and intersect, even more so. All sorts of rapid object styling, replication, serializing for transport, and so much more becomes trivial and fun.

Sure, I could write my own functions to do this. And if I'm the only one who's interested it wouldn't take me long.

But the ease and power of this way of working with "the properties" has become second nature to me because many years ago Kevin had the insight to request that array from the then-engine-maintainer. If he hadn't asked for that, I might still be stuck in the ancient xTalk way of doing these things, manually maintaining lists of properties and slavishly applying them one at a time in line after line of long blocks of code.

So I'm good either way. I'm just thinking about the next generation of LiveCode scripters.

If we abandon "the properties" as the universal array representation for all types, we either lose the value of that function by making it into a "sometimes" thing, or reduce the value of widgets by not treating them as "real" objects.

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