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> The trick is to ensure that the VCS use-case
> can be extricated.

I think probably the VCS use-case is a non-issue right now. I’m not sure if 
anyone is still using lcVCS but script only stacks + stackFiles with no scripts 
is significantly simpler to deal with. Either way export object covers that 

> If we have export for all object types, there's no
> reason (other than backwards compatibility) that the properties property
> couldn't return the value of every single gettable property of an object
> type.

Yes there is. If we include all the different forms of text for example 
(htmlText, text, rtfText, styledText) then we have to have even more 
complicated precedence rules than we currently do when setting.

I would suggest if we can look at all the metadata we need in the IDE about an 
object property and provide a way to access as much of that as possible by 
introspecting the object most people would be happy regardless of whether we 
provide an array prop to get and set it in one hit. Just about all the data is 
there already in the property tables.


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