Any experience on the set of OS/X High Sierra, with the latest update patch, 
LiveCode 8.1.9 and Xcode 9.3 Beta?

Shoul I revert to Sierra and Xcode previous versions?  Actually, trying to 
adhere to the Apple requirement of having all apps to iPhone X, which then 
requested me to load the latest Xcode.

With my 2010 MacBook Pro (High Sierra, LC 8.1.9, Xcode 9.3 Beta), with 8GB the 
simulator start takes well over 10 minutes - haven't bee able to get the test 
app to load into the simulator, yet.

Still being fresh to iOS deployment, with a fully operational and tested app on 
Android devices, I just cannot find out a good guide whaat exact steps to take 
to get the process done.  For example, do I have to load Xcode before trying to 
start the simulation from LC?  How exactly should I do the app property 
provisioning; should I first define the app in Xcode (it let me try to create 
app related password, then spitted out its own, neither works to let me log 

Loading has now taken more than 20 minutes...the line clock still rotates...

Christer Pyyhtiä
MindCrea Ltd

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