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Knapp Martin wrote:

 > Richard, could you elaborate on the issues with Dropbox?

I first came across it in a search at Google for "dropbox sqlite", looking for tips on making the most of that relationship.  What I found was a long series of support forum and blog posts filled with horror stories of out of sync or corrupted DB files.

To counteract some of the FUD, storing a large multiuser database in the cloud with long sync times and no proper locking is just a bad idea in the first place. But unless you've got a particularly huge LiveCode stack, you're not going to see this kind of syncing problem. And typically a Dropbox folder is confined to one user, even if it's replicated on multiple machines, so you're not going to run into multiuser issues. I have quite a lot of files stored on Dropbox, but they're fairly small so the update sync time is very fast. And if the sync fails because of network issues, the cloud copy isn't updated. But I wouldn't put a database on Dropbox precisely because of the problems listed in that article.

 Mark Wieder

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