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Consider this scenario with stack files, for example:

Mark writes a stack, then I open it, then you open it.  You and I are both making changes, and I save mine a few seconds before you save yours. In that scenario, what's on disk?

Keep in mind the Dropbox and Box are primarily single-user storage applications. I can, for instance, give read access to others, and if I'm feeling wild and crazy I can even give write access, but I have to go out of my way to do this. Normally I'm the only one who can write or even read the files in my folder, even though they're synced to multiple machines under my control.

Corruption is very interesting to me.  Lost data is usually explainable through simple multiuser workflow weaknesses, such as inadequate locking mechanisms.  But corruption in LC means something interrupted the write, or overwrote portions before the write was completed.  And since LC stacks files are written in a single pass, whatever caused it to corrupt was very efficient at it, as it had little time to do it in.

I *have* had corrupted LiveCode stacks before, and I can count them on two fingers of one hand. One of them was actually sitting in my Dropbox folder, so who knows what happened to it? But my favorite thing about Dropbox is that it stores earlier versions of your files, so I just reverted to an earlier copy of that stack and carried on.

 Mark Wieder

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