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Hello list
How can I load ttf font files with LC server, at least version 7.1
available on my on-rev account ?
Neither "revFontLoad" nor "start using font file" seem to work...
And the list of available fonts returned by "the fontNames" is quite

Thanks in advance.

Does on-rev run on Linux? If you create a directory called '.fonts' under your user name and install the fonts you want to use in your images in that directory, LiveCode will find them.

A quick test shows this to be true using LC Server 8.1.4, but you may have to do some experimenting to get them working in a script accessed through your web server. Executing a script to show the fontnames works from the command line but without having done any real investigating, I have to admit it's not working when accessed through my server. This isn't an on-rev nor an Apache server so ymmv. If you decide to go the standalone route, you should be able to install your fonts this way to use them in the standalone.

Good luck!


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