On 03/05/2018 08:59 AM, Mike Bonner via use-livecode wrote:
If you create a directory called '.fonts' under
your user name and install the fonts you want to use in your images in that
directory, LiveCode will find them.

A quick test shows this to be true using LC Server 8.1.4, but you may have
to do some experimenting to get them working in a script accessed through
your web server. Executing a script to show the fontnames works from the
command line but without having done any real investigating, I have to
admit it's not working when accessed through my server.

This may need clarification. Getting the fontnames works always but the list returned when doing it from a served page doesn't include the fonts in ~/.fonts while running the same script from the command line using ssh does show those fonts. I don't know why and didn't investigate any further.


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