I have a print subsystem for my application that prints a particular set
of data by laying our the page (sizing the card to the paper, allowing
for margins, etc, where the content area of the page is a single image
object. The resizeQuality is set to "best" and alwaysBuffer is true

When I print under Windows (8.x or 10) to a real printer or to PDF, the
result appears as expected.

When I print under OSX (10.9.5 and up) some of the images are messed up:
Some are squished to a vertical bar a few pixels wide. Some are the
right size but are just a big rectangle of black and color stripes. Some
print properly. This happens whether to Preview PDF or to a real printer.

This occurs under LC8.1.9 (and all the way back to at least LC 6.7.11)

I have stepped through my print system in the debugger and each page
appears exactly as it should (correctly layed out with a good looking
image) before the "print card" command.

Has anyone experienced this and have any ideas for a work-around or a fix?

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