Ah, yes - the *property* is read-only; I had mistakenly read that as being about the stack itself somehow being read-only.

Yes, the relationship between mode, style, and the mode commands (toplevel, palette, modal, modeless) are wonderfully flexible.

Mode lets us know what state the window is in at any given time.

Style lets us set a mode as a default when we use open or go.

The mode commands let us override that style to open a stack of any style in any mode as needed.

In devolution's DeskView window I use these to allow easy toggling of modes by double-clicking the window representation within it:

If that stack's style is toplevel it bring it to the front as toplevel.

If the style is anything else it uses the toplevel command so I can work on it.

If its mode is already toplevel but its style is not, it reopens the stack in its style.

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

Bob Sneidar wrote:

> The Property called mode is read only. The mode is set using the style
> keyword as was pointed out. That works a peach! I had been jumping
> through hoops to prevent users from accidentally switching a customer
> or site while editing a device record belonging to one of those two.
> Now I just set the style to "Modal" while editing and return it to
> "TopLevel" when not.
> Bob S
>> On Mar 28, 2018, at 10:00 , Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Bob Sneidar wrote:
>> > Unfortunately, and to my great chagrin, the mode of a window
>> > is read only.
>> What does that mean?  What exactly do you see?
>> I can't think of any mode that prevents text entry, so maybe you've
>> encountered a bug, or some other script is preventing editing.
>> --
>> Richard Gaskin

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