Hi all. 

I broached this subject before but in the reverse direction. I have an app that 
allows multiple windows (I call forms) open at the same time. For instance I 
can have the customer form, the sites form and the devices form open 
simultaneously. Changing the customer loads the sites for the new customer and 
selects the first site, which loads the devices at that site and loads the 
first device. 

Clearly if I am editing a device, I want to prevent the user from switching the 
customer or site, pulling the rug out from under the device edit session. A 
*GREAT* way to do this might be to make the edit window modal when the user 
enters the edit mode, preventing him from interacting with the other windows 
until the form data is saved. Unfortunately, and to my great chagrin, the mode 
of a window is read only. 

Am I going to have to use send in time to close and reopen the window modally, 
and reverse it when the data is saved? 

Bob S
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