I have an app that I'm migrating from LC 6.6.5 to 8.1.9. In it, a user creates 
documents that may consist of lines, boxes, text areas and images that they 
insert. There's been a big change between 6.6.5 and 8.1.9 in the selection 
handles on objects. In 6.6.5, the selection handles on lines were really tiny 
so I implanted a scheme - when the line is selected I overlay a small button at 
each end that you drag to change the length and another in the middle to grab 
the line to move. A side benefit of this is that no matter how "wobbly" the 
user is in dragging my selection handles, I've scripted it so the line stays 
perfectly horizontal/vertical.

In LC 8.1.9 the selection handles on lines are huge in comparison, and are 
centered over the middle of the end point, making it trickier to align to 
another object (a frequent thing in my app). While I can live with it myself, 
for my customers I'm way less than thrilled. Often times there is the need to 
create several short lines in close proximity to each other.

In 8.1.9 I can't use my own selection handles like I was as they end up 
*behind* those of LC and must exist on a layer above everything else - a change 
from 6.6.5.

So my question is, is there any way to change the selection handle behavior - 
something even that is a hack? They're fine on everything else, it's just on 
lines that it becomes an issue for me. I’m anticipating a “no” but thought I’d 

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