Thanks Mike. The app allows the user to be in standard LC edit mode to select 
any of the objects, either by clicking on them or dragging a selection 
rectangle around them. And I do have tools that allow the user to select 
multiple objects and then align, layer, make the same size etc. Perhaps I could 
implement a scheme where if the user selects only 1 line it then deselects and 
pops up my own selection handles, though that might be a bit ugly.

> On Mar 29, 2018, at 12:02 PM, Mike Bonner via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> Since you already have code in place to use your homegrown selection
> handles, can you adjust things so that the line doesn't actually have to be
> "selected" to make changes? My guess is that the small button you
> implemented can be dragged, and then you do your magic and adjust length
> while constraining to horizontal or vertical.  I don't see why the line
> would actually have to be selected to do this.
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 12:52 PM, Knapp Martin via use-livecode <
>> wrote:
>> I have an app that I'm migrating from LC 6.6.5 to 8.1.9. In it, a user
>> creates documents that may consist of lines, boxes, text areas and images
>> that they insert. There's been a big change between 6.6.5 and 8.1.9 in the
>> selection handles on objects. In 6.6.5, the selection handles on lines were
>> really tiny so I implanted a scheme - when the line is selected I overlay a
>> small button at each end that you drag to change the length and another in
>> the middle to grab the line to move. A side benefit of this is that no
>> matter how "wobbly" the user is in dragging my selection handles, I've
>> scripted it so the line stays perfectly horizontal/vertical.
>> In LC 8.1.9 the selection handles on lines are huge in comparison, and are
>> centered over the middle of the end point, making it trickier to align to
>> another object (a frequent thing in my app). While I can live with it
>> myself, for my customers I'm way less than thrilled. Often times there is
>> the need to create several short lines in close proximity to each other.
>> In 8.1.9 I can't use my own selection handles like I was as they end up
>> *behind* those of LC and must exist on a layer above everything else - a
>> change from 6.6.5.
>> So my question is, is there any way to change the selection handle
>> behavior - something even that is a hack? They're fine on everything else,
>> it's just on lines that it becomes an issue for me. I’m anticipating a “no”
>> but thought I’d ask!
>> Marty

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