Tom Glod wrote:

> Hi folks, I wanted to benchmark the httpd library and decided to
> create a command line server application.
> I run it using "-ui" command ...
> and I use the "on Startup" message to print out a welcome message"
> thats all I have so far.
> But my executable process is using up 100% of the core .....
> continuously.
> what is it doing ? what am I doing wrong?
> v9 .0 on windows 7.

I don't know what that library is doing, but I use standalones in nearly every server system I make so I know it's not the standalone itself eating up CPU.

If the lib hasn't been altered, you should see the same behavior no matter where it's running, even on the desktop. If you don't perhaps something else is in play

You may try running the standalone with strace to see the system calls it's making:

  strace ./mystandalone

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