This all came about because with XP, if you logged in as an administrator 
account, any process that launched in that session ALSO ran as an 
administrator, which meant that it could modify system files. It was like a 
petri dish for malware. Just clicking to preview an email could ruin your day. 

Apple already had a mechanism where processes that attempted to install or 
modify protected files or folders would invoke a User/Pass auth dialog, so 
Microsoft decided to mimic that, but since they didn't have the mechanisms 
built into Unix for that, the developed this dual level auth system where an 
administrator account was merely a standard user that COULD be elevated to 
administrative level, where as other accounts could not. In those cases, a 
user/pass challenge dialog is presented so the candidate process could be run 
as though a real administrator account had invoked it. 

It's a pain in the arse sometimes, but it isn't difficult to understand what it 
is and why it's necessary. 

Bob S

> On Apr 6, 2018, at 24:52 , Graham Samuel via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> Treor, thanks, will try it. I despise myself for my ignorance here, but it is 
> very hard to get an easy path to understanding, especially since both the 
> vocabulary and logic seem so alien.
> Anyway I appreciate all the help I’ve been getting.
> Graham

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