Hmm, thanks for the discussion. I see that it is not a straightforward issue, 
and I am probably forced to get my hands dirty in the world of Windows. I am 
aching for a very simple set of step-by-step instructions, but of course that 
is not the job of anyone on this list! BTW, I am also asking in the Inno Setup 
forum, and have had some replies, but despite my references to LiveCode, it 
appears that nobody there can believe I’m not using Visual Basic or C++. There 
is dark talk of manifests, about which I know nothing, but maybe I can piece 
together an idiot’s solution.

I must say I am astonished that I am the only person seeing this (apparently). 
I was seeking almost the simplest possible installer for an LC Windows 
standalone. The only thing that isn’t simple is that as it’s a splashstack 
design, there has to be a folder with the other components (stacks and the 
like) rather than one simple .exe file in the \Programs folder. Probably not 

I feel I am still bumping around in the dark. When I die, you will find 
“LiveCode deployment” written on my heart.


> On 4 Apr 2018, at 23:51, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> Elevation is a security feature of Windows since Vista I believe. Even though 
> you log in with what you might think is an administrator account, the actual 
> session user does NOT have Administrative rights. Anything that user does 
> only has standard user rights. UAC (user access control) must be invoked to 
> elevate the current process rights. For a non-administrator a dialog will 
> popup asking for a name and password. For an administrator, it will simply 
> present a Yes/No dialog. 
> If you get the properties of the Windows executable, there is a Compatibility 
> tab. You may be able to uncheck Run this program as an administrator (but 
> then you won't be able to do anything requiring administrator access) or you 
> can try running in Windows XP Compatibility mode (if Windows 10 even supports 
> that anymore.) You will have to do this before building the installer, or 
> else there may be a feature in the Inno packager which allows you to set 
> this. 
> Bob S
>> On Apr 4, 2018, at 14:21 , Graham Samuel via use-livecode 
>> <> wrote:
>> Another deployment PITA.
>> I’ve got a standalone which is cross-platform and works well on Mac and PC. 
>> Unfortunately I’m having a lot of trouble with making a viable Windows 
>> Installer, using the Inno system. All goes well with the installation 
>> process until the user checks “launch” for the app at the end of the 
>> installation process. He/she then gets and error message (this is on both 
>> Windows 7 and Windows 10):
>>> C:/Program Files\Myprogram\Myprogram.exe
>>> CreateProcess failed: code 740
>>> The requested operation requires elevation
>> I have no idea even conceptually of what elevation means, and I have no idea 
>> how to correct this situation. 
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