This has me extremely frustrated and I’ve spent way too many hours trying to 
get this to work. If anybody has a few minutes to look at the error dialogs in 
the link, I’d very much appreciate it. I’m probably missing something very 
obvious, but ….

Link to zip of 3 screen shots that show the problem. 

What I have is a splash stack named: "Start Earth Explorer"
Other stacks are used to actually do the work. One of the dialogs 
(StacksList.png) is the standalone settings “Stacks” window, which shows a list 
of the stacks. Another dialog (filesStructure.png) is my file structure for the 
app. The third dialog (ErrorDialog.png) is the error dialog that I get when I 
try to build a standalone. It appears, to me, that somehow it can’t find the 
first “.livecode” stack it gets to in the stacks list. 

I must be doing something incredibly stupid, overlooking some basic setting, or 

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


William A. Prothero

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