I’m accessing a mysql database using Andre Garza’s software, and it works 
perfectly in the IDE. (LC9.0.0, Mac OSX 10.13.3).

However, when I build a standalone, the call just seems to hang and nothing is 

I am assuming that I’m making some mistake with inclusions? What might I be 
doing wrong that is triggered in the standalone, but not the IDE? I’ve included 
everything in the inclusions list that seems related to internet actions.

Any suggestions would much appreciated.

I don’t expect that the code needs debugging, as it works fine, but just to 
make sure it’s clear what I’m doing, my code is:

function getAppSettings

        put "In getAppSettings"&cr after fld "status"

""; into 

        put "ADBDDFCFBDBBDDCCFFACGHDFFFFEEDCC" into tConfigA["encryption_key"] 
// Encryption Key

        dbSetDefaultConnectionConfiguration tConfigA

        put "Earth Explorer D3" into tAppName

        dbWhere "appName", tAppName

        put dbGet("app_settings") into pDataA

        if pDataA["data"] = "" then

                return "DbError: ---------- "&cr&pDataA&cr

        exit getAppSettings

        end if

        return pDataA["data"]

end getAppSettings


William A. Prothero

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