It probably would help but I am referencing the object in other places, for 
instance I am getting the tablename of group tGridLongName and that fails as 

As I posted the workaround is to reference it by group <shortname> of <long 
owner reference>

Bob S

> On Apr 11, 2018, at 09:51 , Mike Bonner via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> Not sure if this will be userful, but would placing the following script in
> your stack (or frontscript I guess) work easier?
> command amIHere pName
> try
>   dispatch "imHere" to group pName of the current card
> catch tError
>   return false
> end try
> end amIHere
> command imHere
>   return true
> end imHere
> Might be cheating using try this way, but I think it should work pretty
> well.
> If the dispatch fails due to object (or in this case, background) not found
> error, you get false, if the dispatch is handled you get true.

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