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$49 for the amount of work that went into making these widgets is quite 
affordable. Yes, these are listed as v .5. They could have labeled them as v 
Well, actually, they did :-)

Since I know I'm going to buy them anyway, I went ahead and did it now - partly to see if that gives me more info about licensing, updates, documentations, etc.

In my purchase-receipt email from Livecode, it says:
Thank you for purchasing the Mobile Native Essentials Widgets Pack! This includes the Activity Indicator, Switch, Date Picker, Time Picker, Progress, Slider, Label and Search Bar. You will receive all updates to this product and its components free of charge until it is out of beta.
which sounds like it really is still in Beta.

But then if I go to https://livecode.com/account/products/thirdparty I discover that I have v1.0.0 available to download - or I can pay a further $58 to upgrade to v0.5.0 !?

So I clicked on the download button, and got a zip/folder called "WidgetPackBeta" Now I have a bunch of ".lce" files, one per widget, plus a WidgetPackInstaller.livecode

Running that gives me a dialog asking "install all" - click that gives me an error

stack "Widget Pack Installer": execution error at line 33 (Handler: can't find handler) near "revIDEExtensionInstall", char 1

so I guess I need to go read about installing widget extensions ...

-- Alex.

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