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>> so I guess I need to go read about installing widget extensions ...
> LOL. The tl;dr is
> an .lce file is a zip archive. Rename it to .zip and open it the usual
> way. Extract the .lcb file from the archive, open it with the Extension
> Builder from the IDE Tools menu (using the little folder icon in the upper
> right). Then click the Install icon from the bunch at the lower left.
> I'm somewhat sure there must be an easier way.

Use the Extension Manager which is accessed from the Tools menu. There is
 "+" button. Click it and select the .lce file.

FWIW the installer stack that came with the download installed everything
successfully for me in LC 9. On the plus side there are docs for the
widgets in the Dictionary. Unfortunately when I try to test the search
widget in the iOS simulator the widget doesn't render. It just says
"SearchText (unlicensed)".

Trevor DeVore
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