Yeah; had a heart attack and a bloody great (quite literally) thrombosis 3 years ago: fitted with 5 stents.

So: what to do? Well, I certainly wasn't going to lie there in the bed moaning my fate like all the losers in the hospital ward:

practised my Bulgarian flirting with the nurses, did some LiveCode programming on a laptop, got a bloke to come round and measure me up for a coffin (just in case) . . . shared some fairly black jokes with him: a first for an undertaker in
the world of gloomy Slavs!

But, surprise, surprise, the Devil obviously loves me, as here I am, as big a pain in the bum as ever.

Bounce back, Sean, bounce back.

Love, Richmond.

On 2/5/2018 7:42 pm, prothero--- via use-livecode wrote:
I’ve seen you on this list, and the Director list for years. You have been 
someone whose kind responses and help have been very appreciated. Please know 
that there are many people who care about you and wish you the best. Please 
take a deep breath and don’t do anything that you haven’t had time to consider 
carefully. Perspectives often change with time.

Best wishes and I’m so sorry for your situation, which sucks big time.

FYI, I had a biopsy in November, which resulted in a 3 mo hospital stay where I 
nearly left this life. Shit happens to us and we hope to come out of it a 
little bit wiser. For me, I gained a lot of awareness of Friends who cared for 
me. I’m still in physical therapy and getting back to bike riding, outrigger 
canoe paddling, and my previous life. Consequences of some of these random 
events eventually disappear and we hope something is learned.

Best wishes and peace, brother,

William Prothero

On May 2, 2018, at 9:14 AM, Stephen Barncard via use-livecode 
<> wrote:

Whatever, Sean. Please don't even consider suicide.
You can recover from this.

There will be more ( and more forgiving ) clients ahead for you.

Hopefully you own your code and can fix and repurpose it for something else.
You have the possibility, with Monte's help in the morning, to get this
thing working.
Your clients or client's clients should understand this happening was NOT
YOUR FAULT and you would gladly fix it.
If these 'clients' don't understand this - then they don't deserve your
work in the first place...

personally I've had a few of these disasters myself in 50 years of tech.

Stephen Barncard - Sebastopol Ca. USA -

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 8:48 AM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode <> wrote:

It's all too too too late. I had no money to get a support contract. Spent
it all getting the project running. It was working up until this morning so
I had no idea that it would be an issue. My client was incredibly p'd. I
have no way to redeem myself. I really couldn't care less if you can or
cannot fix it now. I am £1000's down and well out of pocket. I will never
get it back. I have/will-have lost everything. I don't think I can come
back from this. My life is worth £0, especially to you guys. I'm like
abandon-ware. Your failure cost someone their life (not to mention his wife
and two boys who may well miss him but will be better off without him for
making the mistake of using LC and all things LC!).


On 2 May 2018 at 16:29, Kevin Miller via use-livecode <> wrote:

Hi Sean,

I¹m very sorry to hear your demo went wrong today.

If its any consolation I¹ve been there and probably most of us have been
in that situation at some point in our careers. Even Steve Jobs had the
occasional demo that didn¹t work out! How you recover from that situation
is probably more important than the fact that it happened. Most customers
and clients understand that tech demos are fraught with potential issues
and will accept that if you can keep a level head and talk to them. One
the techniques I have for doing demos - in common with many in this
industry - is to practice the whole thing 3 times the day before from
beginning to end. As this change occurred 20th April that would have
us a few hours to respond Š rather than it being ³too late² now.

Could we have done a better job here? Possibly. We have hundreds and
hundreds of components in LiveCode and we generally try to maintain
compatibility within a couple of weeks of major upgrades and changes. For
whatever reason this change wasn¹t flagged by the processes we use to
on top here - and as a result we can review that process going forward.
present Monte is asleep - yes even he needs sleep sometimes - and as he
wrote this component we really need him to chime in here and take a look
at what needs to be updated.

Generally its faster post to support than this list, though we do require
a support contract in place to help you. Nonetheless given how important
this is for you we will look at this issue when Monte gets up.

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ ~
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