Tom Glod wrote:

> far as the whole philosophy...I really doubt that this is on the
> radar of Livecode the company.... they probably feel their efforts are
> better suited on technologies going into their development platform. I
> would agree with that.

Me too, but mobile OSes are now pretty much where desktop GUIs were back in the '90s: after a bit of settling out they now have much more in common than they have differences, and a tool that wants to sell will support those commonalities.

So whether a nav bar goes at the top or the bottom will vary, but the nav bar itself is often unchanged between platforms. LC's widget handles that as well as LC handles menus in desktop GUIs, so that much is good.

But two things we see in nearly every app would be useful here:

- Mobile menu. You know, often from a hamburger menu or some other trigger on the left side of the screen. Not hard to make, but super-tedious to get right. Desktop menus are joyfully simple in LC; mobile menus are a pain point.

- Card to card swipes: can't be done in LC, at least not in any way that conforms with user expectations. If you're willing to go to a LOT of effort you can build all your cards into one wide group and carefully write code to handle the event tracking. Doable, but with no advantage to LC over any other toolkit, and very unintuitive.

There are probably other elements that would be useful, and perhaps over time these will become available as widgets, either by the company or the community.

But in the meantime I can understand why both newcomers and experienced LC devs alike are asking for things like this. It's on par with the level of development ease that distinguishes LC on the desktop, and we'd love to see those advantages on mobile as well.

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