Using LC v8.1.9 on Windows 7 pro

"Where" do I send a "mouseup" message on a datagrid form which has scrolled 
lines... i.e.:

send "mouseUp 1" to xxxx

I know it sounds like a ridiculously simple question (and likely is) but a 
datagrid form seems to create a "Row Template" group for each populated row... 
i.e. "Row Template 0001", "Row Template 0002"... etc. UNTIL it reaches a row 
which is outside of the visible rows.... it then starts to create "duplicate" 
templates. For example, if there are 6 populated rows and the DataGrid is sized 
to only show 3 rows at a time, upon the initialization of the Datagrid, the Row 
templates groups are named:

row 1:  "Row Template 0001" 
row 2:  "Row Template 0002"
row 3:  "Row Template 0003"
row 4:  "Row Template 0004"
row 5:  "Row Template 0005"
row 6:  "Row Template 0001"
row 7:  "Row Template 0002"
row 8:  "Row Template 0003"

this is demonstrated by putting a "put me" in the Behavior Script within a 
MouseUp handler.

So... the "simple" issue is that if I "manufacture" the Row Template name based 
on the row to which I want to send the "mouseUp" command it works perfectly for 
the "visible" rows... even the next 2 rows (which I have scrolled into view via:
 set the dgHilitedLines of group "DataGrid 1" to y
 put the dgIndexOfLine[y] of group "DataGrid 1" into x

where "x" and "y" are throw-away variables ... which scrolls the appropriate 
row into view (for some reason)) ... if I try:

 dispatch "ScrollLineIntoView" to group "DataGrid 1" with pLine" 

... my row data doesn't populate properly ... which I may ask about another 

BUT, for the 6th and subsequent lines I have to "wrap" the group names 
according to the pattern above.  i.e. for the sixth line, I manufacture "Row 
Template 0001", etc.

Since this "wrap-point" changes based on the "amount" of the datagrid I 
"expose", this doesn't lend itself to a very nice supportable project.

No doubt I'm approaching this wrong but I'm trying to teach myself datagrids 
and it's a struggle for this old brain!

Douglas Ruisaard
Trilogy Software
(250) 573-3935

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