I´ve purchased the plugin lcTasklist a long time ago and used it now and then. 
But now i am totally in love with this great tool. 
I was working on a really big project for months and i needed to add some debug 
code, special comments and special information  in my scripts and i had to mark 
some code for later reviewing. Without lcTasklist it would have been really 
difficult or maybe nearly impossible  to find all of that again  in my scripts. 
 With lcTasklist i not even got a list of these "comments", but was able to 
jump directly to that code. 

This is a must have. Livecode Ltd.  really  should consider to license this 
plugin to deliver it with Livecode.

The plugin costs $11.90  / Euro 11.31 and is worth every cent. So if you do not 
know about it and want to get more information, then look here 



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