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> Public Software. Contractor will inform [company] in advance of incorporating 
> any open source software into deliverables or services provided to [company] 
> under this Agreement, provide [company] with an analysis of alternative 
> options that do not include open source software, and will proceed with the 
> use of open source software only to the extent of [company]’s written 
> consent. To the extent Contractor incorporates permitted open source software 
> into products or services provided to [company] under this Agreement such 
> open source software (and/or Contractor’s inclusion thereof) will not require 
> any software developed or delivered under the Agreement to be disclosed or 
> distributed in source code form or made freely available to others.
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It seems reasonable. They want to avoid any unanticipated legal hassles ($$$) 
with open-source license holders, and also avoid having to turn over anything 
that they would prefer to be their own private intellectual property. They're 
on the ball. How this would play out could depend on which open-source license 
is involved. There are possibly some that they could accept since they allow 
more freedom than some others.


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