Hi List,

Just a quick announcement. 

I put animationEngine into the public domain today. No code changes, just a 
change of license. It is now free as in beer as well as free as in OSS terms. 
No more GPL3 restrictions, actually no restrictions at all. It is still listed 
as paid Software in the extensions shop, but that will also be changed soon.

For all of you that supported me over the years: Thank you so much! Every 
license sold helped me move the library forward. The code is a bit dated now, 
however, maybe some of you find tiny bits and pieces that are still useful 

You find all AE related stuff on GITHUB: 

Today I am not doing much development work anymore. There will be one last try 
through a Kickstarter campaign in a couple of days, but if that fails, I’ve 
basically had my days in dev. I will be keeping an eye on liveCode of course. 
:-) I have made quite a lot of friends on the lists and forums over the years, 
so I raise my glass to all of you.


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